I can accommodate two people on my skiff. This allows us to get into shallow water and provide a comfortable fishing experience. Exceptions can be made if you won't to bring along your son/daughter for an early or late half-day. We think it is very important for children and young teens to experience the beauty of the Florida Keys.

Half-Day (4 hours)  $400 - A.M. or P.M. (including night trips for tarpon)

3/4 Day (6 hours)   $625

Full Day (8 hours)   $700

Split Day Charters  $850 - (only available from June 1, to October 15)

We require a $500 per day deposit to hold fishing dates. Acceptable forms of payment include MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal. Cancellations made by clients will not be refunded unless said days can be rebooked by your Captain. Deposits will be refunded in full for trips cancelled by your Captain, due to weather.

No, you do not have to be an experienced salt to have success and fun while fly fishing in Key West. Yes, you need to have the basics of fly casting under your control You should be able to cast fifty-feet with relative ease, and also have the basics of the double haul available.

As a Federation of Fly Fisher's Certified Casting Instructor, I am more than willing to give lessons either on land or while on the water. In relation to golf think of the difference as working on the mechanics of the cast while on the driving range or having a playing lesson while on the golf course. If you would like casting lessons, please let me know in advance.

Key West has a lot to offer the non-fisher. Kayak trips through the mangrove estuaries is always a big hit and a great way to enjoy nature up close. The Mel Fisher Maritime museum should not be missed nor the Key West Aquarium. Key West is also home to a very large group of in-residence artists, whose wares can be found in the numerous art galleries. Take a stroll through the grounds of Ernest Hemingway's residence and see the six toed felines. Climb to the top of the Key West Lighthouse and soak in the panoramic view of the island. When you want to stop and catch your breath, grab some shade under a palm tree on one of our sandy beaches and just relax or catch up with a good novel. Of course, don't forget about our dinning. Key West is home to some of the finest restaurants in the country. A few of my favorites are Mangoes, 7 Fish, Louie's Backyard, Marquesa, and Blue Heaven.
First, make sure that you have taken precautions to protect yourself from a sunburn. I use Columbia Sport's SPF series of clothing. Long sleeve shirts and long pants with zip off legs are my daily attire, along with a good hat and plenty of sun block. After taking care of the sun, the most important thing that you need to have is superior eye ware in the correct lens tint. If you do not see what I see, we will both struggle while sight casting. My favorite tints are yellow, vermillion, and light brown. Remember that this is not a fashion show, so my opinion is to stay away from wrap around frame styles which tend to fog up in the humidity. I have been using Action Optics in various frame and lens tints for over ten years and have always been happy with their product and customer support. If you have some saltwater flies that you want to use, please bring them. You never know where the next big pattern will come from. Keys guides always provide a cooler full of ice and drinking water. If you want gatorade drinks or sodas. please provide them. Finally, and I do not know when the tradition started. But it is customary for the client to bring lunch for the guide in the Florida Keys. I am very happy to have light sandwiches and fresh fruit on a charter. It gives us time to stop and spend a few minutes on the water getting to know each other better, and for return clients to catch up with each others lives.

About FFKW

Founded in 1992 by Capt. Greg Rahe, and dedicated to the sport of flyfishing in the saltwaters of Key West, Florida and the Lower Florida Keys


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